EU Proposes Suspending Billions in Hungary Funding

Photo: AFP/Getty Images [via Politico]

The Facts

  • The European Commission on Sunday recommended the suspension of about €7.5 B ($7.5B) in funding to Hungary over corruption and rule of law concerns, according to the EU Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

  • The Commission's proposal reportedly calls for the suspension of 65% of the funds allocated to Budapest under the EU's cohesion policy. The suspension would be in addition to the €5.8B ($5.8B) allocated, but not approved, by the Commission to Hungary under the COVID recovery fund.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

The European Commission's proposal to potentially freeze billions of euros in cohesion funding for Budapest is not primarily about democracy and the rule of law. This is about punishing the government of Orbán for sovereign actions that don't submit to the dictates of the Brussels apparatus.

Pro-establishment narrative

It's high time that the EU proves its ability to act in defense of its values by actually implementing punitive measures. Otherwise, it risks further erosion of its credibility, and countries like Hungary and Poland could feel emboldened in their populist, anti-democratic policies. If Orbán doesn't implement the announced anti-corruption measures, consequences must follow.

Establishment split



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