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FBI Dir. Wray Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee


  • Testifying across a range of topics, FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thurs. told the Sen. Judiciary Committee he's worried about a terrorist attack on US soil, citing concerns "about the potential loss of sources and [intelligence] collection" in Afghanistan since US troops withdrew last summer.
  • He added that his concerns are focused not only on the security deterioration in Afghanistan leading to a revival of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, but also on terrorists on US soil who could be inspired by these international developments.
  • Wray also confirmed the FBI is investigating people deemed national security threats who might be in the US since their evacuation from Afghanistan, conceding the bureau doesn't know where they're all located.



Republican narrative

Wray's grilling by the Senate Judiciary Committee was deeply frustrating. His often obtuse answers confirmed GOP concerns about a hyper-politicized agency that lacks transparency. He was vague about Afghanistan, border security, pro-abortion domestic terrorism, nebulous definitions of "extremism" and "domestic terrorism," and allegations against Hunter Biden. Not a good performance.

Democratic narrative

Despite the GOP's pomp and circumstance on "red herrings" such as Hunter Biden, what should concern us all is that the FBI has its hands full with investigations into domestic terrorism, including those related to the abortion issue, and threats inspired by Trump supporters against election workers. What was clear was that Director Wray has his work cut out for him across a portfolio of pressing and dangerous issues.

Nerd narrative

There is a 49% chance that Hunter Biden will be indicted before November 5, 2024, according to the Metaculus prediction community.