FDA Holds Hearing on COVID Vaccines as Questions Over Boosters Remain

    Photo: Getty Images [via The Daily Wire]

    The Facts

    • On Wed., a panel of experts met with the US FDA to discuss the future of the nation's COVID vaccine policy.

    • The purpose of the meeting was to begin the transition from emergency response to long-term planning. The panel has yet to decide a definitive plan to roll out additional shots.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Cases and deaths are plummeting, yet the federal government continues to peddle COVID hysteria and further boosters that have questionable effectiveness. We need to focus on severe illness and death and learn to live with the virus.

    Left narrative

    Just because cases are low at the moment doesn't mean they will remain that way. We have seen this happen before and need to be proactive in combating another wave. The FDA recommends flu vaccines every year, and dealing with COVID should be no different.

    Political split



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