Eastman Lawsuit: Federal Agents Seized Phone

    Photo: The Denver Post [via NBC News]

    The Facts

    • It has been reported that federal agents searched and seized the personal phone of Trump attorney John Eastman on June 22, per a lawsuit filed by Eastman seeking the return of the device and the destruction of its contents.

    • Eastman's lawsuit alleges that the search and seizure were improper but acknowledges that the device was seized under a warrant.

    The Spin

    Pro-Trump narrative

    The DOJ has become a highly politicized institution. They are now engaging in highly coordinated, "Stasi-like" tactics to persecute their political enemies. This is behavior more typical of what occurred behind the Iron Curtain decades ago.

    Left narrative

    The judge's authorization of a search warrant establishes they found sufficient evidence on both Eastman and Clark of possible criminal misconduct. It is already known that Eastman requested to be on a "pardon list" and that he pleaded the 5th over 100 times when meeting with investigators. What's more likely here: a "deep state" conspiracy or a criminal one?

    Establishment split



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