Federal Judge Blocks Title 42 Border Policy

    Photo: nbc

    The Facts

    • Title 42, the public health emergency measure used to expel migrants who cross into the US illegally, was struck down by a federal judge on Tuesday.

    • Judge Emmett Sullivan of the US District Court for DC ruled that the measure — which was adopted during the Trump admin. — violates the Administrative Procedures Act. Biden’s admin. says it will comply with the order.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    Title 42 was disguised as a public health order, but was always just an inhumane way to deny legitimate asylum seekers access to the US, and it’s about time it ended. The US government could’ve taken other measures — such as letting migrants self-quarantine or ramping up vaccinations — rather than barring them all from entering. Biden is absolutely right to agree with this latest ruling.

    Republican narrative

    If you thought the Biden administration’s handling of the border was bad before, things are about to get much worse. The US isn’t ready for the massive surge of illegal border crossings on the way. This will put border patrol agents at risk, and make the country less safe as a whole.

    Political split



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