Finnish PM Sanna Marin's Drug Test Returns Negative Result

Photo: Lehtikuva [via YLE News]

The Facts

  • On Mon., results from a drug test - taken by Finnish PM Sanna Marin the previous Fri. - returned a negative result. She was under pressure to take the test after a video of a party she attended emerged on social media that apparently included someone referencing illicit substances.

  • According to Lida Vallin, one of the PM's advisers, Marin's sample was tested for various drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, and opioids. Sanna Marin insisted on Fri. she had never in her life used drugs.

The Spin

Narrative A

This isn't the first time Marin has shown poor judgment. Her behavior, unprofessional at best, isn't fitting for the leader of a country. It goes without saying that the prime minister of Finland cannot be present at parties where narcotics prohibited by the criminal code are openly consumed.

Narrative B

There's no evidence of drugs being consumed, and even a PM has the right to a private persona. It's hard to believe that our greatest worry is that our political leaders are kicking back and hanging out with friends without breaking the law doing so.

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