First US Death from Monkeypox Confirmed

First US Death from Monkeypox Confirmed
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Facts

  • On Mon., the Los Angeles Dept. of Public Health confirmed that a resident with a compromised immune system died from the monkeypox virus.

  • This is in addition to another death reported in Texas last month. The role that the monkeypox virus played in that person's death is still under investigation.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

The CDC was able to get ahead of the monkeypox outbreak because there was already a vast amount of data about the virus and its behavior. The monkeypox response was able to build upon already-familiar tools, such as vaccines and testing. Strong education and preparation allowed for a swift ramp-up and effective national response.

Establishment-critical narrative

COVID and monkeypox have both shined a light on the US's inability to respond to large-scale and highly-transmissible diseases. More effective use of testing, treatment, and vaccine tools would have slowed or eliminated the spread of both viruses, yet the US has struggled with all three mitigation measures. The US must make improvements in its public health system or suffer the same fate during the next outbreak.

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