Five TB Rays Players Decline to Wear Pride Night Logo

    Photo: Getty Images [via Washington Post]

    The Facts

    • Five Tampa Bay Rays pitchers have faced backlash for making a "faith-based decision" to not wear rainbow-colored logos on their uniforms for their Pride Night home game Sat. night.

    • Jason Adam, who was chosen by team officials to speak for those who declined, said "all are welcome and loved here" but explained that "it's just a lifestyle ... that maybe we don't want to encourage ... if we believe in Jesus."

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    Wearing the logo was meant to show unity with the LGBTQ+ community and send the message that everyone is welcome at the ballpark. Yet some players were allowed to completely undercut that message, proving that there's still a long way to go for complete LGBTQ+ acceptance.

    Right narrative

    It would be great if we could return to a time when athletes weren't expected to delve into politics and could just focus on winning the game. Sports are neither the time nor place to be pushing an agenda, and no one should feel compelled or pressured into supporting something that goes against their beliefs.

    Political split



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