Florida 5th Grader Arrested For Mass Shooting Threat

Photo: Lee County Sheriff's Department [via New York Post]

The Facts

  • A fifth grade student in FL was arrested over the weekend for making threats about a mass shooting by text message.

  • Police handcuffed the 10-year-old boy and put him in the back of a cruiser on Sat. evening. He was later charged with making written threats to conduct a mass shooting, according to Lee County Sheriff's Office.

The Spin

Left narrative

Gun violence and culture in America is completely out of control and innocent victims are suffering the consequences. The Uvalde tragedy could easily have been avoided with better gun control. Yes, the 10-year-old should be punished for making threats but, ultimately, arresting children for text messages won't solve the mess made by lawmakers.

Right narrative

The truth on gun control is that if the government takes firearms away from citizens, only criminals will have them. We don't need a totalitarian solution - instead, police need to act swiftly and strongly to respond, especially in today's climate of mass violence, and threats to schools.

Political split



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