GA Special Grand Jury Convened in Trump Election-Interference Probe

    Photo: Ben Gray/Associated Press [via]

    The Facts

    • A special grand jury has been seated in Georgia to aid Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' investigation into whether former Pres. Trump and others unlawfully attempted to influence the 2020 presidential election.

    • Willis may use the 23-person special grand jury to issue subpoenas to those who've refused to cooperate with the investigation.

    The Spin

    Pro-Trump narrative

    A prosecutor in the Democratic stronghold of Fulton County is trying to prosecute Trump for being Trump. There's no evidence that he broke any laws when he asked the Sec. of State to verify the legitimacy of the election. If they want to charge someone with a crime, Democrats should turn themselves in for illegal ballot harvesting.

    Democratic narrative

    This is a significant step toward holding Trump accountable for his actions after the 2020 election. Instead of having investigators poking around, the special grand jury will be able to hear testimony about the Raffensperger phone call and other events that might prove Trump's guilt. It could possibly even compel Trump to testify.

    Cynical narrative

    Bringing Trump to justice won't fix the fundamental flaws in America's democratic system. The Georgia case - as well as that of other swing states in the 2020 election – is proof that reforms are needed to shore up confidence in the US electoral systems and ensure that the will of American voters can't be overturned by the whim of a single partisan bureaucrat.

    Establishment split



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