George Floyd : Texas Board Denies Posthumous Pardon

Photo: AFP/Getty Images [via NBC News]

The Facts

  • The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles (BPP) has decided not to recommend a posthumous pardon for George Floyd - who was killed by a former Minneapolis officer in 2020, sparking Black Lives Matter protests -for a 2004 drug conviction.

  • Floyd's attorney, Allison Mathis, had first submitted a pardon request in April 2021, and, initially, the BBP unanimously decided to recommend that Texas Gov. Abbott grant a pardon.

The Spin

Left narrative

With the current investigation into the arresting officer and his history of convictions continually being dismissed, there's no doubt that Floyd should have received a full pardon, which would have gone long way in showing a commitment to accountability. This decision is an insult to Floyd and his family.

Right narrative

Floyd had a long history of run-ins with police and was charged at least 19 times throughout his lifetime. Despite the undeniable tragedy surrounding his death - which has seen the officer responsible held accountable - it doesn't exempt him from the consequences of his actions that led to his 2004 arrest, for which he pleaded guilty.

Political split



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