Georgetown Law Professor Reinstated After Investigation of Tweets

    Georgetown Law Professor Reinstated After Investigation of Tweets
    Photo: Acton Institute/YouTube [via National Review]

    The Facts

    • Georgetown University reinstated law professor Ilya Shapiro after a four-month-long investigation into a series of tweets he posted about affirmative action. He resumed work Friday.

    • Shapiro had been on administrative leave since Jan. for comments about Pres. Biden's promise to nominate a Black woman for the Supreme Court.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Shapiro's tweets were ill-worded and thoughtless, as he himself noted in his apology, but are not grounds for being fired. Political speech is protected and the very fact that Georgetown University put him on leave brings to question their stance on freedom of expression and academic freedom - which should both be fundamental to a university.

    Left narrative

    Shapiro is not the victim in this story. As a law professor, he's in a position of power with his students and a role model to the greater community. Tweeting such offensive remarks about affirmative action erodes trust in his beliefs and abilities. No student should feel fearful entering the classroom, but that's exactly the situation he has willingly created.

    Political split



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