Giuliani Won’t Face Charges in Ukraine Lobbying Probe

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    The Facts

    • Federal prosecutors in New York on Monday filed a brief letter in a US District Court stating that Rudy Giuliani, ex-personal lawyer to former Pres. Trump, would face no criminal charges in a three-year grand jury investigation of his alleged lobbying efforts in Ukraine “based on information currently available to the Government.”

    • In response to the news, Giuliani tweeted, "Complete & Total Vindication,” while his attorney Robert Costello said he wasn’t surprised there were no charges because “there was no evidence that he did anything wrong.”

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    The Democratic witch hunt that failed to convict Trump during his first impeachment has now come up short in its pursuit of punishing Giuliani for something he didn’t do. He maintained his innocence throughout this baseless investigation, and now he’s been vindicated.

    Democratic narrative

    Giuliani shouldn’t be boasting about barely escaping this tight legal bind. Evidence shows he did some disreputable things on behalf of Trump in Ukraine. A Republican-led Senate let Trump off the hook, but we don’t know if Giuliani has been exonerated or was let off on a technicality because prosecutors haven't commented on this filing.

    Political split



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