Google Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit for $118M

Photo: AP [via Independent]

The Facts

  • Concluding what started as a 2017 class-action suit in San Francisco Superior Court by three former female employees, Google agreed to settle accusations of gender discrimination for a total of $118M.

  • The sum will go to more than 15k women after Google was accused of paying them less than their male counterparts for similar work, placing women in lower-salary jobs, and offering fewer opportunities for promotion.

The Spin

Progressive narrative

With a number of similar lawsuits targetting pay gaps appearing against the likes of Microsoft and Twitter without much success, the settlement is a big win for women who feel intentionally underpaid and undervalued in tech companies.

Conservative narrative

It's clear that woke culture is reaching a point where even its biggest advocates can't keep up. Google, an ultra-woke company, has fallen short of the rapidly increasing and inevitably unattainable demands of woke culture and American civil rights law.

Establishment split



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