GOP Gov. Chris Sununu Calls Trump 'Crazy'

    Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images [via Daily Caller]

    The Facts

    • On Sat., Chris Sununu, the Republican Governor of NH, publically called former President Trump "crazy."

    • His comments were made before 630 guests gathered for the 137th annual dinner hosted by the Gridiron Club, a smaller precursor to the White House Correspondents' Association annual gala.

    The Spin

    Pro-Trump narrative

    As a Republican governor of a bluish-purple state, Sununu seems to think that he's untouchable. That remains to be seen, however, as hunger for a primary challenger to Sununu is reportedly growing and Trump has tasked his aide Corey Lewandowski with ousting the profane "Never Trump" Governor.

    Left narrative

    True things are often said in jest, and there are many within the Republican party who privately harbor doubts about the motivations and, indeed, the sanity of the former president, who is undoubtedly but troublingly the front-runner for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2024.

    Nerd narrative

    The Metaculus community predicts an 80% chance that Donald Trump will run for President in 2024.

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