Greece: Power Grid Ran on 100% Renewables for First Time

Greece: Power Grid Ran on 100% Renewables for First Time
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The Facts

  • For five hours last Friday, Greece's entire national grid ran on renewable energy. The news was announced by its independent electric utility operator, who hailed the achievement as a step toward adding more green energy to Greece's portfolio.

  • Greece hopes to ultimately generate at least 70% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. Besides environmental reasons, the move is intended to stabilize the nation's power grid and manage energy costs.

The Spin

Narrative A

Despite the turbulence of global energy markets, Greece has persevered and joined an elite club — including the US State of California — to hit a 100% renewable energy milestone. This transition gives a sense of optimism — from solar-powered greenhouses in Spain to transforming coal mines to solar farms in Virginia, there's good reason for hope in pressing ahead for a more resilient and peaceful future.

Narrative B

With the world's energy sector topsy-turvy because of the Ukraine War, Iran unrest, and OPEC+ production cuts, good energy news is welcome in the Eastern Mediterranean — including Greece. However, there's a risk of new conflict, too; energy partners Greece and Egypt are worried about Turkey's neo-Ottoman style of gas deals with Libya, including infringements on Greek sovereignty. There are reasons for hope but good reasons for caution.

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