Haiti: Police Take Control of Fuel Terminal

Photo: Reuters [via BBC]

The Facts

  • Haiti's government announced Thursday that police ended a gang-led blockade and have taken control of the Varreux fuel terminal. Haitian officials said that fuel distribution will continue on Monday.

  • On Friday, local radio stations reported that the area around the fuel terminal was quiet and the Associate Press shared a reported voicemail in which Police Chief Frantz Elbé praised officers involved in the operation. It remains unclear if anyone was killed or if the blockade was fully lifted.

The Spin

Narrative A

Haiti's police have freed the Varreux terminal, and it's evident that the government took the right decision not to negotiate with criminals. These gangs were asking for the prime minister's resignation, amnesty for its members, and a place in government. This operation sends a clear signal that there's no room for negotiating with gangs.

Narrative B

This development was only possible due to a weeks-long negotiation between the government and the G9 federation of gangs. A deal was struck to end the siege that paralyzed Haiti and disrupted schooling nationwide. Regardless of the statements of Haitian officials, negotiations between all parties were key to this outcome.

Nerd narrative

There is a 50% chance that Haiti will become a World Bank upper middle-income country by January 2050, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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