Iranian Fuel Convoy Attacked on Syria-Iraq Border

    Photo: PressTV

    The Facts

    • An unidentified drone strike was reportedly conducted on an Iranian fuel convoy on Tuesday on the Syrian side of the Syria-Iraq border. Iraqi officials claimed that the convoy consisted of more than 20 tanker trucks, of which at least two were destroyed after entering the Qaim border crossing into Syria.

    • According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 15 people were killed in the strike — most of them belonging to Iranian-backed militias. Iranian media outlets claimed that the fuel was destined for Lebanon, but Syrian opposition media reported that targeted trucks also contained weapons.

    The Spin

    Anti-Iran narrative

    Israel has been quite clear that it will not permit Iran to freely move weapons and fighters through Syria if it threatens Israeli security. If endangered, Israel will target Iranian assets in all of the countries into which Iran has dug its tentacles. Iran will continue to see strikes like this one if its aggression continues.

    Pro-Iran narrative

    As Iran tries to provide much-needed fuel to crisis-stricken Lebanon, the US shamelessly attacks its convoys. The Lebanese people are living in absolute desperation as oil prices continue to rise in a country suffering under extreme economic conditions. Unfortunately for Lebanon, US hegemony will never allow one of its geopolitical adversaries to provide aid to suffering civilians.

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