Iraq’s Supreme Court Rejects Petition to Dissolve Parliament

Photo: Sadr Office/Reuters

The Facts

  • Iraq's top court rejected a petition to dissolve the parliament on Wed., saying it was beyond its legal authority. The petition was strongly supported by Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and his political bloc.

  • The petition was based on the notion that parliament wasn't fulfilling its duties. The Supreme Court said that parliament must dissolve itself if it is deemed to have not acted in the people's interest.

The Spin

Narrative A

Al-Sadr, known for stirring the pot in Iraqi politics, is playing with fire. Though popular with many in the Shiite community, his unruly supporters and his fierce rhetoric are plunging Iraq into civil strife. His actions instigated the violence in Baghdad, and he should make way for the CFA, which now has a clear and legal pathway to governance.

Narrative B

Iran is wholly to blame for the current crisis in Iraqi politics. The CFA, with Iranian support, has gone out of its way to derail al-Sadr, whose movement won the biggest bloc in parliament. Sadr even offered the CFA some seats, but the Alliance refused due to Iran's all-or-nothing attitude.

Cynical narrative

Al-Sadr has already lost to Iran, and antics like this aren't going to change that. The firebrand cleric did quite well in last year's elections, but his inability to form a government has led to a significant loss of ground to Iranian-backed groups.

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