IRS Drops Facial Recognition Firm for Identifying Taxpayers Online

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The Facts

  • The IRS will no longer use the third-party facial recognition firm after backlash from taxpayers, privacy experts and lawmakers.

  • Critics cited concerns that the technology is flawed and can be biased against minorities, in addition to privacy issues relating to extremely sensitive data being held by private firms.

The Spin

Narrative A

This is a win for US taxpayers, privacy experts and lawmakers who rightfully argued that facial recognition software is an unacceptable condition for interacting with their government, particularly in light of the technology's privacy and discrimination concerns.

Narrative B

While this is a win, is only one of a growing number of private surveillance companies selling invasive technology to government and law enforcement agencies, inluding a recent product to help police identify homeless people. More must be done to protect privacy more broadly.

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