Italy: Right-Wing Meloni Expected to Become Next PM

Photo: Corriere della Sera

The Facts

  • Giorgia Meloni, leader of Italy's right-wing coalition, is set to become the country's first female prime minister ever, as her bloc is projected to have clinched a clear majority in Italy's general election, which took place on Sunday.

  • An exit poll for state broadcaster RAI indicates that the conservative coalition has won between 41-45% of the votes. Full results are expected by later on Monday, but both the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement have conceded defeat and Meloni has claimed victory.

The Spin

Left narrative

Europe must keep a close eye on Italy's far-right, as history has shown that what happens in Rome is soon replicated abroad. And it's hard to find a worse prospect than several Meloni-like leaders coming to power across Europe. Though she acts as if she is a political moderate, Meloni evokes the rhetoric of fascism, is inspired by Hungary's Orbán, and has an ambiguous approach to Putin.

Right narrative

The mainstream left campaign of fear and hate against Meloni hasn't deceived Italians. While Meloni being appointed PM surely is scary to the EU, markets, and those usurping Italy's sovereignty, the nation has expressed its support for this path, which is the only one to restore freedom and pride in Italy.

Nerd narrative

There's a 2% chance that any of Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and/or Germany leave the EU before 2027, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

Political split



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