Jackson, Miss. Flooding: Officials "Cautiously Optimistic"

Photo: Democracy Now

The Facts

  • On Mon., city officials for Jackson, Miss. said they're "cautiously optimistic" as the Pearl River appeared to be cresting at 35.35 ft - just shy of major flood stage - after record rainfall.

  • This comes as Jackson's mayor urged residents to evacuate flood zones on Sun., and as Gov. Reeves declared a state of emergency in response to the relentless rain that caused the Pearl River to escape its banks and flood.

The Spin

Narrative A

This catastrophic flooding event isn't a one-off occurrence. As our climate continues to change, the frequency and magnitude of these events will increase, destroying property and taking lives. More education is needed about climate change and its connection to increased flooding.

Narrative B

Dismissing these types of events as a result of climate change dangerously absolves policymakers of any responsibility. Not every extreme rain event has to result in devastating flooding, but it often does due to government ineptness and poor infrastructure. Rather than pointing our fingers at climate change, we should focus on holding those who are actually able to manage these disasters accountable.

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