Jan. 6 Committee Conducts Last Hearing Before Midterms

Photo: Getty Images [via The Wall Street Journal]

The Facts

  • After a three-month break, the US House Jan. 6 committee on Thursday met for its last reported hearing before the midterms. Focused primarily on Trump's mindset, the panel covered topics such as Trump's plans to declare victory before all ballots were counted and his alleged acknowledgment of losing despite publicly claiming victory.

  • The committee unveiled an email from the head of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, to former Trump assistants urging the former president to declare victory based on the ballots counted on election day while disregarding incoming mail-in ballots. Committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) called it evidence of a "premeditated plan."

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Make no mistake - what's on the ballot in November is democracy itself. The Jan. 6 Committee has issued this dire warning to the American people by taking the extraordinary step of issuing a subpoena to Trump. The Democrats are putting "Stop the Steal" under the most intense limelight it can - in a few weeks voters must cast ballots for legislators, governors, and secretaries of state in one of the most crucial contests in American history.

Pro-Trump narrative

The Democrats know that they are in deep trouble as the midterms approach. Inflation is sky-high, the southern border is out of control, and the Left's Jan. 6 witch hunt is full of fallacies. The thought of subpoenaing Trump is intended to be political theater from the Democrats, but - to their demise - the former President may be delighted to take the mic and speak the truth.

Nerd narrative

There is a 30% chance that any state will refuse to certify its election results during the 2024 US presidential election, according to the Metaculus Prediction community.

Political split



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