Japan Demands Apology Over Russia-Detained Diplomat


The Facts

  • Japan's Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador in Tokyo on Tuesday in response to the detention of Japanese diplomat Tatsunori Motoki, who Moscow accused of espionage.

  • Motoki, a consul working in Vladivostok, was reportedly blindfolded, restrained and subjected to "coercive interrogation" during his arrest by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). Japan denied the espionage accusations and demanded a formal apology.

The Spin

Anti-Russia narrative

The accusations against Motoki were clearly fabricated and Russia's actions were unacceptable. This was a politically-motivated attack and a clear violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Russia must issue a formal apology and a guarantee that similar incidents don't happen again.

Pro-Russia narrative

Motoki was caught red-handed paying for classified information. His actions are incompatible with the expected behavior of a consular official and infringed on Russia's security interests. Moscow's response has been entirely appropriate and reasonable.

Establishment split



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