Judge Rules That a Clerk Violated Same-Sex Couple’s Rights

    Photo: AP [via NPR]

    The Facts

    • On Fri., a federal judge found former Kentucky clerk Kim Davis guilty of violating the constitutional rights of two same-sex couples for refusing to issue them marriage licenses in 2015.

    • After SCOTUS legally recognized same-sex marriage in 2015, she stopped issuing all marriage licenses. This garnered international attention and briefly landed her in jail.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Davis's religious liberty has been breached by an unfair system that persecutes people who stay true to their religious beliefs. She should have been exempt from having to issue the marriage licenses.

    Left narrative

    Davis not only violated the constitutional rights of Americans and caused untold harm to the two couples, but she is also responsible for dragging them through an irrational and insensitive legal mess. There is no question that she should compensate for the damages she caused.

    Political split



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