Justice Thomas Criticizes Cancel Culture

    Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters [via Fox]

    The Facts

    • SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas has spoken out against an environment of 'cancel culture attack'.

    • Speaking at an event in Utah on Fri, he also expressed concern over efforts to politicize the Supreme Court by adding too many justices.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Thomas is right to be concerned about the repercussions of cancel culture for civil debate; it's restricting people's ability to engage healthily in arguments around government, social issues, legislation and law.

    Left narrative

    Whilst Thomas expresses faux outrage at a right-wing term like 'cancel culture,' progressive movements have allowed American society to move past segregation and inequality. His comments reveal a double standard, as the GOP continues to erode justice systems and civil liberties.

    Nerd narrative

    The Metaculus Prediction community predicts that the next SCOTUS vacancy will arise in January 2023.

    Political split



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