Ken Paxton Defeats George P. Bush in GOP Primary for Texas AG

    Photo: Getty Images [via NPR News]

    The Facts

    • Incumbent Ken Paxton soundly defeated challenger George P. Bush in the GOP run-off primary election for Texas AG on Tuesday.

    • Paxton, who is under federal indictment for securities fraud and faced an FBI probe of allegations of abuse of office made by former aides, was supported by former Pres. Trump in his re-election bid.

    The Spin

    Pro-Trump narrative

    249 out of Texas's 254 counties voted to send the Bush political dynasty to the dustbin of history, opting instead to re-elect Ken Paxton and his strict approach to illegal immigration and the abuses of big tech. This marks the end of the corrupt Bush family, to include their secret dealings with the Chinese Communist Party.

    Democratic narrative

    Common sense would tell you that Texas voters would not cast ballots for a man indicted on securities fraud to be their chief law enforcement officer. But there's no longer any room for common sense in Republican politics. For example, instead of tackling gun violence in a sensible way, Paxton proposes to arm teachers.

    Establishment split



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