Kenya: 5 Dead After Building Collapse

Photo: BBC

The Facts

  • Eight people were rescued and five reported dead after a six-story building collapsed in Kiambu, Kenya on Monday. The rescue efforts continue to evolve.

  • The building was still under construction before it collapsed on adjacent houses where most of the victims are thought to have been. A young child pulled from the rubble is among the survivors.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

This tragedy is likely the fault of a developer with little care for Kenya's construction laws. The developer was not authorized to complete this project and, after failing to comply with government requirements, continued anyway. Zoning and inspection are key tools of good governance, and this member of the private sector should be held accountable.

Establishment-critical narrative

Sadly, building collapses like this occur on an all-to-frequent basis in Kenya. The public should be focusing its justifiable anger on the government. This tragedy deserves a full investigation of all parties, including local officials in charge of monitoring the project to ensure there was no malfeasance or incompetence.

Establishment split



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