KKK Plaque Discovered at West Point

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto [via NBC News]

The Facts

  • According to a report issued last month, the congressional Naming Commission - established in 2021 to identify Defense Dept. (DOD) assets named after Confederate figures - has discovered a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) plaque at the US Military Academy in West Point, NY.

  • The plaque, positioned at the entrance of the campus' science building, was meant by the sculptor to commemorate "both tragedy and triumph in our nation's history," according to a statement issued by West Point.

The Spin

Left narrative

The Naming Commission continues to prove its worth, this time finding a racist monument many had missed. This is what the commission was created to do; not to erase history, but to make sure those who don't deserve celebration get removed from prominent public places.

Right narrative

You can't simply "cancel" the Confederacy and everything unsavory from the annals of national history. A name on a monument or a plaque on a building isn't hurting anyone, and this whole endeavor of renaming and removing things is an expensive goose chase from the woke left.

Political split



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