White House: Griner Met with US Embassy Officials

White House: Griner Met with US Embassy Officials
Photo: AP [via New York Post]

The Facts

  • The White House said on Thursday that US Embassy officials in Russia met with imprisoned US basketball star Brittney Griner. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Russia has continued to reject a “significant” prisoner swap offer but Griner is “doing as well as can be expected.”

  • Griner was convicted Aug. 4 after police found vape canisters containing cannabis oil in her luggage at the airport in February, a month that saw tensions rise between the US and Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

The Spin

Pro-Russia narrative

Griner violated Russian law, and then she pleaded guilty. She’s just being held to account for her actions, not being “wrongfully detained,” as the US government is falsely claiming. Due process is proceeding despite Washington's statements about prisoner swaps.

Anti-Russia narrative

Regardless of how Russia wants to classify its holding of Griner, the US has made persistent advances to try to secure her release but there has been no cooperation from the other side. Russia should stop playing games and negotiate for her and Whelan’s release.

Establishment split



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