Lebanese MP Leaves Bank with Portion of Savings After Sit-in

Photo: reuters

The Facts

  • On Wednesday, a Lebanese parliamentarian joined a growing list of depositors who have stormed banks across the country in recent weeks demanding their savings as the country's financial crisis worsens.

  • Cynthia Zarazir, a member of parliament who was elected in May to represent Beirut, entered an Antelias branch of Byblos Bank unarmed on Wednesday morning with two lawyers. She staged a sit-in for four hours as a "last resort" to access her money to reportedly cover medical expenses.

The Spin

Narrative A

These depositors recouping their funds are heroes, and their actions represent the frustrations of an entire nation deprived of its savings for nearly three years. As millions of Lebanese have been thrown into poverty by corrupt politicians and bank owners, desperate measures are a form of retribution for this injustice.

Narrative B

While the depositors' actions may seem noble to some, they, like many others inside and outside Lebanon, are blaming the wrong people. It's the outside influence of Iran, as well as Hezbollah, that has pushed Lebanon to the brink. The Lebanese people must acknowledge this to truly move forward and fix their country.

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