Ron DeSantis Rejects Trans Swimmer's NCAA Win, Honours Runner-Up

Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images [via Breitbart]

The Facts

  • Florida Govenor Ron DeSantis has declared Emma Weyant, the runner-up in the NCAA 500-yard freestyle championship, the winner of the race. The move is the result of a refusal to recognize transgender winner Lia Thomas as a legitimate competitor.

  • UPenn Swimmer Thomas finished 5th in the NCAA 200-yard freestyle race on Friday, after winning the 500-yard free the evening before.

The Spin

Left narrative

The latest results at the NCAA show that trans women do not always win and success is not purely down to biological advantage. Although plagued by transphobia, a few trans athletes have been brave enough to continue competing to demonstrate their participation does not undermine the integrity of sport.

Right narrative

Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman and former Olympic athlete, has said Thomas took it easy in the 200-yard to avoid breaking the world record and dodge consequent scrutiny. Thomas could've won easily and her participation is still undermining women's sport.

Political split



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