Liberia: Protests Simmer Against Cost of Living

Photo: Reuters [via Aljazeera]

The Facts

  • Hundreds of protestors gathered in Monrovia, Liberia on Saturday to protest against soaring costs of living as President George Weah returned from a 48-day trip abroad.

  • The protest was organized by the opposition party. Protestors expressed frustration over the president's trip; Weah has been traveling abroad since the end of October while attending political gatherings and then traveling to Qatar for the World Cup.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

Weah remains a popular figure in Liberia, and disruptive protests are unlikely to change much in the country. A more effective strategy would be to rally the opposition support base to become more engaged in elections and the democratic process to bring forth healthy dialogue.

Establishment-critical narrative

The government is unable to create jobs and keep prices reasonable, yet despite this, the president has abandoned his people. The people of Liberia are protesting because they are suffering and Weah has failed them.

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