Liz Cheney Officially Files for Re-election

Photo: AP Photo [via Politico]

The Facts

  • Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney formally filed for re-election on Thurs., seeking the Republican nomination for her seat for the fourth time.

  • Her re-election bid has sparked rebukes from her own party. Two days after her announcement, on Sat., former Pres. Trump headed to Wyoming to host a rally in support of Cheney's opponent Harriet Hageman.

The Spin

Narrative A

Cheney is caught in the crossfire of Trump-lovers and Trump-haters to the point that the election in Wyoming is no longer about democracy and the will of the people. The Republican Party chairman Frank Eathorne is an extremist who has helped fuel vicious intraparty fighting and unfairly focused on pushing out Cheney. Trump rallying in support of her opponent this weekend is simply the cherry on top.

Narrative B

Trump's opinions on Cheney ultimately do not matter - the people of Wyoming have the chance to choose and democracy will prevail. As of right now, polls show Cheney trailing behind at 26 percent of the vote compared to Hageman's 56 percent. Only time will tell.

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