Macron Loses Majority in French Legislative Elections

    Photo: Getty Images |via BBC]

    The Facts

    • Two months after his re-election, French Pres. Emmanuel Macron's centrist alliance suffered a severe setback in the second round of parliamentary elections on Sunday.

    • According to the preliminary results, Macron's Ensemble alliance secured 245 seats, falling well short of the 289 needed to keep its dominance in the French National Assembly.

    The Spin

    Establishment-critical narrative

    This is a blow for Macron, who now has to face a "parliamentary guerrilla" of the EU- and NATO-skeptic NUPES alliance, not to mention the far-right RN. But it may be a blessing for France, as Macron now has no choice but to engage more directly with people's concerns and practice the art of compromise. The end result will be a stronger, more united country.

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Macron's second term will certainly be even more challenging now that he no longer has a parliamentary majority. Nevertheless, this result simply shows that French politics are divided into centrists, radical leftists, and far-right nationalists, and reinforces the centrist Ensemble's important role as the biggest party in the National Assembly.

    Establishment split



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