Madison Cawthorn Defeated by Primary Challenger

    Photo: Getty Images [via Daily Caller]

    The Facts

    • Rep. Madison Cawthorn (NC-R) has shuttered his political action committee less than a day after losing his primary election on Tues. to Sen. Chuck Edwards.

    • Edwards - who had been endorsed by the North Carolina Sen.,Thom Tillis, Sen. leader Phil Berger, and a number of other North Carolina Republicans - narrowly defeated Cawthorn by two percentage points, earning 33.5% while the incumbent representative attained 31.7% of the vote.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Cawthorn is in the same league as Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republicans who peddle conspiratorial falsehoods, and use inflammatory far-right rhetoric. Luckily, Cawthorn's defeat suggests that Trump's endorsement is not enough to carry a candidate with this much baggage past the finish line in every race.

    Pro-Trump narrative

    Cawthorn was targeted by both traditional Republicans and the mainstream media. Though it's probably for the best that he didn't win, as he has personal issues that need to be dealt with, the GOP establishment decided to knife him only because of his audacity to turn on the swamp.

    Political split



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