Roske Pleads Not Guilty to SCJ Attempted Assassination Charge

    Photo: CNN

    The Facts

    • On Wed, 26-year-old Nicholas Roske pled not guilty to charges of an alleged assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice (SCJ) Bret Kavanaugh. Roske was reportedly distraught at the arraignment and affirmed that he understood the charges against him, which, if found guilty, could result in life in prison.

    • US Magistrate Judge Ajmel Quereshi has set a tentative trial date for Aug. 23.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    This charge is further proof of how serious this incident was, despite it being largely swept under the rug and the Left's continued encouragement of rowdy protests outside conservative justices' homes. Hopefully, the lack of attention doesn't embolden someone else with violent motives.

    Left narrative

    This was an isolated event. Placing US Marshals in front of Kavanaugh's house worked as it was meant to, deterring Roske, who now faces a potential life sentence if convicted – a charging decision that should go even further to discourage another incident of this sort.

    Political split



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