Mexico Senate Votes to End Daylight Saving Time

Mexico Senate Votes to End Daylight Saving Time
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The Facts

  • Mexico's Senate on Wednesday approved a bill to eliminate daylight saving time — excluding cities bordering the US — showing a preference for more daylight during the morning hours and ending the twice-per-year changing of clocks.

  • With a 56-29 vote, the bill will now go to the desk of Pres. Andrés Manuel López Obrador for signing. The president has been a proponent of the bill that was previously approved by Mexico's Chamber of Deputies in October.

The Spin

Narrative A

Daylight savings time is unhealthy, and should be abolished immediately. Data shows that changing the clocks twice a year can have significant health impacts, with the time change linked to strokes, heart attacks, and sleep deprivation. It's time to restore our circadian rhythms.

Narrative B

Doing away with daylight savings could harm businesses and the economy, with consumers more likely to stop and shop on their way home from work if it's still light outside. The time change has benefits for recreation, home repair, outdoor sports, landscaping, and reducing auto accidents. There's good reason to keep the tradition of changing clocks twice per year.

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