MI Bureau of Elections Report: 5 GOP Gov. Candidates May Be Ineligible

    Photo: MLive

    The Facts

    • Five of ten GOP candidates for the gubernatorial nomination in Michigan may be ineligible to appear on the Aug. ballot due to invalid signatures on their nominating petitions, according to a Mon. report by the elections bureau.

    • The bureau reportedly tracked the invalid signatures to approximately 36 petitioners affecting leading contenders Detroit Police Chief James Craig and businessman Perry Johnson.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    The more noise Republicans make about voter fraud, the more we find out that they're the ones committing it. Although this wasn't the first time the GOP has been caught red-handed, this instance of fraud was particularly sloppy and easy to uncover.

    Republican narrative

    The only victims of fraud here are the candidates who were duped by the petitioners, possibly in a well-orchestrated plot to keep leading GOP contenders off the ballot. Changes to the system need to be implemented immediately to allow the candidates to rectify the situation.

    Political split



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