Migrants Sew Mouths Shut to Protest Mexican Immigration Policy

    Photo: Reuters/Jose Torres [via Fox]

    The Facts

    • A dozen migrants in the southern Mexican border city of Tapachula sewed their mouths shut and began a hunger strike on Tuesday to draw attention from the govt. and demand passage to the US border.

    • The undocumented migrants are mostly from Central and South America, and Haiti.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    The US is to blame for this. Backwards immigration policies, iniated by Trump and continued by Biden, are trapping migrants in open-air prisons. If the States resumed the processing of migrants at US borders, it could alleviate conditions for asylum seekers.

    Narrative B

    Mexico is to blame for this. The migration problem isn't going away anytime soon. Mexico has a responsibility -- and the capacity -- to help those escaping economic and social hardship; they must go beyond offering only asylum and grant migrants legal status and employment options.

    Narrative C

    The blame cannot be pinned entirely on either country. The protests are prompted by a widespread desire to settle in the States rather than other nations. Many migrants travelling to the southern border walk through multiple countries to reach their preferred asylum destination.

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