MLB: Kapler Refuses to Take Field for National Anthem After Uvalde Tragedy

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    The Facts

    • MLB manager Gabe Kapler of the SF Giants has revealed that he will not be coming onto the field for the playing of the national anthem for the time being.

    • Following this week's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Kapler stated that he doesn't plan on coming out for the anthem until he feels "better about the direction of our country." He also stated, "I don't expect it to move the needle necessarily. It's just something that I feel strongly enough about to take that step."

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Kapler's decision symbolizes America's recent decline. In 1976, Cubs outfielder Rick Monday boldly snatched an American flag away from two protestors who ran on the field to set it on fire. Now, in 2022, Kapler is advocating for a disarmed citizenry - on Memorial Day weekend, no less. Kapler's woke moral outrage is self-serving and self-congratulatory.

    Left narrative

    This is what patriotism looks like. Kapler knows his single act of protest isn't going to change the minds of millions of Americans on gun control, but if more people followed his example we might actually have a chance to solve this urgent issue. Kapler's actions are a reminder that the country has a lot of deep work to do.

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