Murder Charges Dropped for Bodega Clerk

    Photo: NYC criminal court [via Fox News]

    The Facts

    • On Tues., charges against a bodega worker who fatally stabbed a man earlier this month were dropped by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office - and formally dismissed by a judge - after his defense team argued he acted in self-defense.

    • Jose Alba had been charged with second-degree murder after stabbing 35-year-old Austin Simon on July 1.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    It's about time Bragg, who has rarely acquiesced to public pressure, made the right decision. While this George Soros-backed liberal prosecutor has been in office enacting his soft-on-crime policies, homicides and shootings have soared in NYC, and business owners have the right to defend themselves.

    Narrative B

    These cases are never as cut-and-dry as some in the public or media make them out to be - even when there's surveillance video. A man died and the least the prosecutor's office owed him was an investigation, which it pulled off quickly. Bragg was right to take his time in the face of a difficult decision.

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