Musk Invites Union Vote in Tesla Plant

    Photo: Picture Alliance/Getty Images [via VICE]

    The Facts

    • Elon Musk has invited the United Auto Workers to hold a unionization vote at Tesla's California manufacturing plant. Some have considered his words a challenge to the UAW.

    • Musk made the invite via Twitter after President Biden failed to mention Tesla among other automotive companies during discussion of domestic car manufacturing in his SOTU Address.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    Although Musk's complaints aren't entirely without reason, Biden is right to be wary of affiliating with Tesla. The company faces serious allegations of sexual and racial discrimination and the juvenile response of Musk and his followers makes clear the delicacy of his ego.

    Right narrative

    Biden and his administration are the juvenile ones, using the SOTU address to publicly snub a pioneer in EV production. Tesla has created over 50k jobs in the US and has invested more than double that of GM and Ford combined. The president is pandering to unions that control the Democrats.

    Political split



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