COVID Mandates: Kyrie Irving Eligible to Play in NYC

    Image copyright: AP [via NPR]

    The Facts

    • Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving can now play home games, as Mayor Eric Adams on Thurs. said NYC-based professional athletes and performers will be exempt from the city's private sector vaccine mandate.

    • He's set to make his season debut at Barclays Center on Sun., against the Charlotte Hornets.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Irving wins. He believes that personal health decisions shouldn't be mandated, and has persevered through all the controversy. Now the Nets and their fans can focus on a playoff push without the burden of vaccine restrictions.

    Left narrative

    Irving was wrong during this spectacle and he and his teammates knew better. Yes, it had odd optics when he was sitting in the stands as a fan, but COVID is just messy and frustrating in general. Mandates are about keeping people safe in a deadly pandemic.

    Progressive narrative

    This smacks of unfair privilege for the rich and famous. Adams' awkward re-opening policy coddles elite athletes and performers like Irving, yet NYC's essential workers still have to present vaccine credentials.

    Political split



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