Djokovic Allowed to Play at Wimbledon Without Vaccine

Photo: BBC

The Facts

  • On Tues., Wimbledon announced that they will not require the COVID vaccine for this year's tournament, allowing Novak Djokovic to defend his title in London.

  • This comes after the unvaccinated world No. 1 wasn't allowed to play in the Australian Open in Jan. after being deported for not complying with the country's vaccination requirements.

The Spin

Left narrative

While Djokovic's history of stubborness has served him well on the court, that same trait may be what brings his career to an untimely end. He is the only unvaccinated player in the top 100 of men's tennis - finally standing alone among the best, but for all the wrong reasons.

Right narrative

Djokovic deserves credit for standing his ground despite huge pressure to conform to the rules of COVID morality as dictated by the coercive ruling class. Last year's COVID restrictions are now history and, hopefully, this will be the end of all discriminatory measures against the unvaccinated.

Nerd narrative

According to the Metaculus prediction community, there's a 93% chance that Djokovic will win 21 Tennis Grand Slams.

Political split



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