Nvidia Offers Processor for Chinese Market That Meets US Controls

Nvidia Offers Processor for Chinese Market That Meets US Controls
Photo: Nvidia [via CoinCentral]

The Facts

  • US-based computer chip manufacturer Nvidia Corp. confirmed on Monday that it's offering a new advanced graphic processing unit for the Chinese market that satisfies export controls imposed by the US government in October.

  • The confirmation follows a report by Reuters that Chinese companies were advertising their latest products with Nvidia’s new A800 graphics processing unit (GPU).

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

US sanctions are designed to contain China as a rival economic power, but they may well end up backfiring due to the interconnected nature of the global economy. This aggressive global peer competition may even end up triggering a war that would likely envelope many other countries. At best, sanctions will merely postpone Chinese rise as a peer military and economic power, but not prevent its emergence.

Pro-establishment narrative

Beijing is to blame for the shift in US policy. As Xi Jinping has called for a world-class military to tip East Asia’s balance of power in China’s favor and seeks to become technologically self-sufficient, it would be foolish for him not to expect the US to use its leverage to try and counter these attempts.

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