NYC Lawmaker Pulls Museum Donation over DeSantis Flap

    NYC Lawmaker Pulls Museum Donation over DeSantis Flap
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    The Facts

    • NYC Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, a Ukrainian-born American Jew, revealed on Sun. that she'll no longer give $5K to the Manhattan Museum of Jewish Heritage after the museum allegedly barred Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL-R) from speaking at an event hosted by the philanthropic Tikvah Fund.

    • Elliott Abrams and Eric Cohen, respectively the CEO of Tikvah and co-chairmen of the Jewish Leadership Conference, said the institution canceled the June 12 conference due to DeSantis' controversial Parental Rights in Education bill.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    The museum is a private entity and was well within its rights to turn down an event featuring DeSantis, who even the Tikvah Foundation has to admit is a controversial figure. Hosting DeSantis would've been seen as an endorsement of him and his policies.

    Right narrative

    The museum shouldn't take sides in politics - which it has now done by canceling DeSantis after previously holding events with liberal legislators. This stifling of free speech from one side of the aisle, especially against a leader who's so strong on Jewish issues, goes against everything the museum should stand for.

    Narrative C

    This was neither divisive politics nor cancel culture from the museum's perspective, just business. There were contractual and logistical issues with this event, and Gov. DeSantis is more than welcome to book a future visit.

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