NYC Mayor Declares State of Emergency Over Migrant Arrivals

Photo: New York City Mayor's Office [via Fox News]

The Facts

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared a state of emergency regarding an influx of migrants being bussed to the city from Texas, saying the arrival of 17k migrants since April is creating a "humanitarian crisis."

  • In his public statement on Friday, the mayor said the crisis "started with violence and instability in South America and is being accelerated by American political dynamics," having previously criticized Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for sending the immigrants.

The Spin

Republican narrative

New York has long prided itself on being a sanctuary city, so now it's time for Mayor Adams and his Democratic colleagues to live up to their self-proclaimed status. The Democratic mayor of El Paso has also bussed migrants to New York because even he knows that if the Democrats don't feel the pressure that border towns experience every day, they'll never work to fix our immigration problems.

Democratic narrative

The political stunts of politicians like Greg Abbott are eerily similar to the reverse freedom rides of the segregated south. In the 1960s, the racists bussed Black people to northern cities, and now they're bussing Hispanic asylum seekers. These are two sides of the same coin, and Eric Adams is right to call it out.

Political split



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