US Midterms: Obama Endorses NC Senate Candidate Beasley

Photo: AP {via The News & Observer]

The Facts

  • In a new campaign ad that began airing on Tuesday, former Pres. Barack Obama endorsed Democrat US Senate candidate Cheri Beasley in North Carolina, a state he won in a close vote in 2008.

  • Beasley is in a tight race against Republican candidate Ted Budd to replace retiring Republican Sen. Richard Burr.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

It’s essential to boost Beasley’s candidacy not just because her winning would help Democrats maintain control of the Senate but also because she would be the first Black senator ever elected in a state where 22% of the population is Black. With an impeccable resume and a record as a judge devoted to the rule of law, Beasley is proving to be the ideal candidate.

Republican narrative

With an approaching red wave rebound, Republicans are looking more and more likely to win majorities in both chambers of Congress this fall. Democrats’ hyperfocus on abortion at a time when the economy and inflation dominate voters' concerns will cost candidates like Beasley, who might’ve had a shot with the right strategy.

Nerd narrative

There’s a 47% chance Republicans will control the US Senate after the 2022 elections.

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