Oil Tanker Hit by Armed Drone off Oman Coast

    Photo: AFP [via Gulf News]

    The Facts

    • A Middle East-based defense official said on Wednesday on condition of anonymity that an oil tanker associated with Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer was struck on Tuesday night by a bomb-carrying drone off the coast of Oman.

    • The Singapore-based Eastern Pacific Shipping firm, which was operating the Liberia-flagged oil tanker Pacific Zircon, stated it had been “hit by a projectile” some 150 miles off the coast of Oman, causing "some minor damage to the vessel's hull" but "no reports of injuries or pollution."

    The Spin

    Anti-Iran narrative

    This is a classic Iranian tactic: attack a ship using drones then deny responsibility. This is how the Islamic Republic operates and why the US and Israel must act aggressively. The mullahs in Tehran only understand the language of decisive action — Israel must be prepared to respond to provocations.

    Pro-Iran narrative

    Tehran anticipated that Israel and its Arab allies would conduct malicious actions during the World Cup. This attack was about media hype and defaming Iran. Israel is facing problems forming a cabinet — this incident is a geopolitical distraction.

    Establishment split



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